Getting To Know Leah

Leah Stilson's Bio

Leah Stilson is a Chicago native.  She is a writer and producer.  Her voice varies in that the styles she sings are diverse.  She is known for her raw and soulful yet demure and seductive voice. “I can add attitude and sass to anything I sing” She said. 

Leah has been performing and/or involved in music since she was a small child.  She learned a passion for music through her mother and father who loved music themselves.  “As a young child my mother would play the guitar every night before bed, singing songs to my sister and me”, Leah said “I consider myself as much of a writer and producer as I am a vocalist.  I love what I do with music and love the experience of working with other artists.  I enjoy the challenge of singing different styles.  What means the most to me is giving back with the gift I was blessed with.”

Leah has been a professional studio vocalist for several major Chicagoland studios.  Not only has she performed vocals but also has written lyrics and melody lines for several recording artists.  Larry Wimmer, Ryan Serene, Justin of Greed Entertainment, and Bobby Scumaci (former keyboardist for Dave Mason) are just a few of the artist’s that she has worked with.  She has also toured the Midwest region with band J’espere. 

Leah is currently working on her new (untitled) album.